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Asiatic Lion life and pictures
Asiatic lion

African Lion life and Pictures
African Lion

Barbary Lions life and pictures
Barbary Lion

Angola Lion life and pictures
 Angola Lion

Senegalese Lion life and pictures
Senegalese Lion

White Lions life and picture
White Lion



There are about 7 breeds/species/type of lion.

There are between 10,000,00 and 15,000,00

There WERE 7 subspecies of lion.
1. The Angola
2. The Masai
3. The Senegalese
4. The South African
5. The Asiatic
6. The Cape
7. The Barbary

Of these lion sub species only 5 exist in the wild. The Cape Lion became extinct by 1860. The Barbary Lion was thought to be extinct by 1920. Since then, however, there have Barbary Lions found in captivity. There are about 140 left in the world.

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